Breaking news
  1. Newly resurfaced course, fast and flat
  2. Running CEO’s to Launch at Westside BMW
  3. Lord Mayor to Start 2017 Running CEOs


Parking Areas


North of race precinct

  • Gooderham Rd north of Burman Rd
  • Burman Rd
  • Camden Rd
  • Sherbrooke Rd

South of race precinct

  • Ritchie Rd south of Sweets Rd
  • Vied Rd south of Landel St
  • Sweets Rd
  • Kraft Rd
  • Laxton Rd
  • Esky Rd

Strictly No Parking

  • Gooderham Rd between Burman Rd and Sweets Rd
  • Brookbent Rd
  • Vied Rd between Gooderham Rd & Landel St