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Physiotherapy & Massage

Body Leadership Physio

Physiotherapy & Massage Provider for Running CEOS FAST Festival

Paul Trevethan and the team at BL Physio are an integral part of the South East Queensland running community. They specialise in hands on, one on one physiotherapy and massage. Paul has 19 years experience and the BL Physio team of fully qualified physiotherapists provide treatment for professional athletes and persons experiencing chronic pain through to anyone simply wanting to feel better in their own body.


BL Physio is the official physiotherapy and massage provider for Running CEOS FAST Festival, providing:

Race Day Massage – The BL Physio Team will look after your very deserving post race body and will be providing massages on race day just metres away from the finish line.

Personal Physiotherapy Sessions – Also, two lucky runners entering this year’s event will each receive a 60 minute personal physiotherapy and massage session.